Features of Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro-

In the world of ultralight the 2 in 1 tablet that can work has hard they play, it has two options they are iPad Pro and surface Pro.

Surface Pro X vs iPad Pro-

Design –

Surface Pro X is a modern tablet with a big display surrounded by slim bevel, in a thin lightly weighted frame-

Surface Pro X – 11.3*8.2*0.28 inches.

iPad Pro- 9.7*7*0.23 inches.

The Surface Pro X has slimmer side bevels, top and bottom bevels are wider whereas in iPad Pro the bevels are uniformly placed around the screen. IPad is 1.4 pound whereas 1.7 is surface Pro.

Display –

Surface Pro X has 13 inch display which is slightly bigger than 12.9 inch display of iPad Pro.

Surface Pro X- 2880*1920, 267 ppi.

iPad Pro-2732*2048, 264 ppi.

The difference among them is greater than a few pixels and tenth of an inch. Display of iPad is brighter than Surface.

Performance and specs –

The iPad Pro works an armed based Processor called A12 Bionic. IPad Pro of 4GB RAM and Surface Pro with 8GB or 16 GB depending on the configuration.


The storage of Surface Pro X model is 128GB compared to twice of iPad Pro based model.

Ports –

Surface Pro X- 2 USB C surface connect Port, surface keyboard connector port, nano SIM.

iPad Pro- USB C, smart connecter, nano SIM.

Camera –

Surface Pro X – 10MP with 1080p HD and 4K video

iPad Pro- 12MP, f/1.8 with 1080p HD and 4K video


The front cameras are very useful with 5MP on Surface and 7MP on IPad Pro both of them can be used for 3D facial scanning.

Battery Life-

Surface Pro X with 13 hours surfing and iPadPro of 10 hours.


Surface Pro X-8GB -$999

iPad Pro- 4GB-$1,149