Microsoft Fetches the Huawei Items from the Catalogue of the Cloud Server

The Microsoft Corporation has been removing the Huawei Technologies Corporation from one of the specific website destinations to offer with the kind of cloud gear and this is after the week the USA Government has blacklisted the particular Chinese Company. Here is the largest software maker in the world who will not comment on the rescinding license of Huawei and this is based on the Windows operating system.

As part of the Azure Stack product site, the logo of Huawei is still there on the main page but the company is sure to have the list of offerings which have been put away from the main product catalog.

Huawei is known to be one of the multiple hardware vendors and will make the servers and the tools in case of the Microsoft’s Azure Stack product and this will make the company in the running of the software applications as part of the hybrid cloud service and also as the section of the personal data centers. The catalog is sure to show the customers regarding the available servers and the hardware and the available things are perfectly compatible with the Azure Stack.

Frank Shaw is the main spokesman of Microsoft and he is not ready to discuss regarding the several Microsoft actions that Microsoft is sure to adopt with the USA restrictions on Huawei and this can have compliance with the directive and the kind of impact these changes can have in case of the Chinese Company and the partners.

There is the Chipmaker which includes Intel Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporation, and the Broadband Incorporation and they have informed the employees that they will not make any supply to Huawei until the next notice and this is according to the familiarity of the people to the rest of the actions. There is the Alphabet Incorporation and Google will not supply the vital software in case of future Huawei Smartphones.