Attacks on the Ebola Health Individuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This is a letter to the editor regarding the worsening of the Ebola outbreak as the doctors dodge the attack.

After returning from Goma which is situated at the Democratic Republic of Congo, you have the right to highlight the gulf of the political mistrust and this is based at the heart of the Ebola crisis. This is something to be worried about and things are dangerous to the extent to be realized with perfection.

In the process, more than 200 people have got the infection since I have left on the 10th of May. The main issue has now been to handle the situation from the start to the end. We know in reality what is not working right. There is the issue of the heavy hand of the intruders along with the military escorts.

There is the International Rescue Committee and this has taken the responsibility of more than 50 health centers in the eastern part of Congo, and here is the menu for the trust which is based on the form of working from the ground to the up. This will imply the local hires like the nurses, doctors and the security and they are taken from the community and things are galvanized for the best defense system. There is the new and the prospective partnership where portions of the response are being assigned some of those with the actual expertise.

This is truly the second worst Ebola outbreak in matters of history. In a consequence, too many lives are at stake in the process of things to become big and important.

However, there is the need for the trust to be restored with the governments and the communities and things should be expanded with the best efforts in matters of protecting the health workers. In those places where the attacks are sure to happen there is on the spot investigation and should point out those who are responsible in the case.