Walmart is Poaching the Ex-Google and the Amazon Executive Suresh Kumar for the Innovative CRO Role

Walmart has appointed the former Amazon executive with the name of Suresh Kumar with the new and the relevant role of the chief development officer and the chief technological executive and the big box retailer has the ambition to compete better with the Amazon, Google and the rest of the technological giants.

Walmart has made an announcement in the blog post and also in the memo sent by CEO Doug McMillon to most of the workers. He is sure to declare Kumar joining the company on the 8th of July and the report has been directly sent to him.

In the recent time, Kumar is working at Google, and here until the time of transition on the month of July, he is known to serve the position of the Vice President and the general manager in the areas of display, videos, app, ads and the group of the analytics. Earlier he was the vice president of the corporate of the cloud the infrastructure of Microsoft and the operational system. Before the time of Microsoft, he is known for spending 15 years of time at the Amazon playing various roles. This will also include the role of the vice president in matters of the technology of the retails systems and operations and he is also the head of the Amazon retail supply chain and he makes a part of the management systems of the inventory.

Kumar has commented in a statement that, “Walmart is one of the great success stories in how a company evolves over time to serve the changing needs of its customers, and today, it is in the midst of a very exciting digital transformation.” He is on the way to comment that “With more than 11,000 stores … the potential for technology to help people at scale is unparalleled, and I am excited to be part of this.”