Apple patches an age-old bug in Mac

Apple has been one of those companies in the world who have shown the path to others. Bringing the best since its inception, in 1998 brought in the turquoise plastic iMac G3. This iMac was known as the Internet Mac, as it was supposed to bring the best of internet experience for the users.

Jonah Hill, a researcher now, tried to amp up his mid-’90s Mac Performa to make use of the internet. So, he needed a modem that could be used in one of the “serial” chunky ports on his computer. He swapped his computer’s holographic Han Solo trading card with a 56k modem with his friend. And then he started poking around.

About twenty years later, he brings his findings on modem configuration bug from the 90s into the light. The issue has been around for so many years. Apple, however, patched the bug this April. Jonah will now present the two-decade-old Objective by the Sea Mac security conference in Monaco on Sunday.

According to Hill, the bug was hardly a big deal. However, if a hacker had been persistent enough, the hacker could have gained full access to the computer. The specific exploit thread the Hill developed used to work on only OS X and macOS. Apple had introduced some extra security features since 2016.

Hill, who is the co-founder at the mobile firewall maker, Guardian, says, “It is not really that scary. I had been playing with various types of bugs since I was twelve.” Hill had tried this out when he was young. He hacked into his friend’s Mac when he was in the shower and skipped school the next day. He made some additions to the novel his friend had been writing, he laughs about.