Absence of the Right Bacteria in the Gut can cause Food Allergy

A study has been caused in the testing of the human gut bacteria and this was successfully done by Azza Abdel-Gadir, and he is the former postdoc and the Ph.D., and he came along with Emmanuel Stephen-Victor who is Ph.D. and the current postdoc at the destination of Chatila’s lab. They acted as co-authors on the paper in connection with the initial co-author Georg Gerber. He is the MD and the Ph.D. and he is also the senior co-author and his name is Lynn Bry. He is the best person from the Women’s Hospital in Birmingham.

For certain reasons, this remains a mystery and the several Americans who have suffered from conditions of food allergy and he has sharply risen from the last decade as many as 32 million and things are based according to the initial estimation. Nearly, 8% of the children in the USA and you have two in all the classrooms and things are affected in the process.

You have one of the hypotheses as part of the specific Western Lifestyle issues and this can help in increasing the birth rates with the stimulation of the Caesarean section. There has been a possible decline in the process of breastfeeding and the increased usage of the antibiotics and the small size of the family for instance.

This can help in disrupting the normal and the usual microbial balancing in the gut and this is sure to deprive the babies of the portion of the good bacteria that will help in preparing the immunity system in recognizing food to be specifically harmless.

Rachid has started to test the kind of hypothesis with the studying of the gut bacteria in case of those who have been with or without the possibility of food allergy. The team collected the samples of the stool from the source of the 56 food allergic patients and among these 98 have matched with the controls.