Latest Explanation of Trump for the Huawei Banning which is Perfectly Bad

At the time of the past week, the USA government has taken the serious step against Huawei, and this has been cut off from the USA partnership regarding the risk of the long-term rapture in case of trading between China and USA. There is a clear impact on the order. However, things don’t have entire clarity at the time when things were put in the proper position.

There has been the official explanation based on the initial and the perfect executive order, and the Huawei hardware puts the USA at the risk of the espionage. As applied by the order, the “foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services.” There is even the unrestricted acquisition or the usage in matters of the hardware and things are made by the foreign adversaries which can make worse the vulnerabilities.

The case is quite convincing when it comes to the restricting of the Huawei’s role in case of the network’s infrastructure and it is the case among the several officials who are making the changes in the context. However, the sense is still not clear in case of the exported hardware. There is the Corning Glass or the micron flash memory and this has been sold to Huawei to be used in place of the phones specified for the Europe zone. Huawei will not sell the phones within the periphery of the USA and in the process, the infrastructure security argument will not make much sense. And in case if the problem is just about China holding the details of the intellectual assets violations and the stealing of the trade secret, there is the similar logic to be applied with the best ease in case of the Chinese companies like the drone maker DJI and Lenovo. These come with the devastating results in matters of some of the enterprises and also the industry at a larger scale.