The WWF: we are looking for volunteers to protect the Marsican bear


Conservation, information and awareness activities. The global nature fund: “It takes a little time to contribute to the conservation of the species” at risk of extinction

“AAA Volunteers sought to protect the Marsican order”. The appeal comes from the WWF Italy that seeks people to help this species considered “critically endangered” by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and therefore at risk of extinction. The activity will have its operational base in the regional natural reserve and WWF oasis “Gorges of the Sagittarius”, but with actions that will also be implemented outside the protected area, in particular along the corridors connecting the parks and reserves of Abruzzo , Lazio and Molise.
“To win this challenge, everyone is needed,” read a note. And the challenge is to double by 2050 the number of specimens with awareness actions that have already started in 2019 between flash mobs, voluntary camps, distribution and assembly of electrified fences, awareness initiatives aimed at children and adults, pruning and recovery of fruit trees, search for signs of presence and cleaning of underpasses along the main ecological corridors. Conservation, information and awareness activities therefore because the protection of this species passes through the correct behaviors to be had in the areas where it is present. A possible job, the association underlines, “only thanks to the tireless work and the availability of many volunteers,

Everyone can participate in the initiatives and make a contribution to win the challenge of the conservation of the species. “And this year, he underlines, the occasion is even more significant to recover the relationship with nature after having lived an experience like that of the lockdown In the next few days, the WWF announces, the website will also be launched, together with the Facebook page, of the Life Arcprom project, which also sees the Majella National Park and WWF Italia as partners, which will be particularly involved in communication actions. , awareness and mobilization of volunteers to improve the coexistence between man and bear.

To become volunteers just send an email to Volunteers will be registered in a list and contacted on the basis of the activities allowed in the restart phase